Your safety and comfort are our number one concern...      

   - Minimal discomfort-topical anesthetic is used-no injections

   - All equipment is pre-sterilized and disposable

   - Gentle, manual method/no tattoo machines

   - Soft and natural look using SofTap® pigments

   - No inks or dyes are used, natural pigments containing iron oxide


If you have sparce eyebrows or wear eyeliner everyday, this may be for you.

My specialty is natural looking eyebrows with hair strokes, and natural looking eyeliner

   - Busy people with little time to apply makeup

   - People who suffer from visual impairment or physical limitations

   - Anyone who tears makeup off frequently, or who has allergies

   - Athletic individuals who have difficulty wearing makeup due to perspiration

   - Those with oily skin or who shed makeup easily

For Your Eyes Only / Brows and Eyeliner

featuring the SofTap® Manual Method of Micropigmentation


Natural looking Brows with HAIR STROKES

NOT Microblading, but similar results, each hair is manually tapped into skin with pigment, not ink, creating a very natural  

look - see photos

Permanent Makeup is Perfect For...

Why Choose Soft Strokes Permanent Makeup?

After Brows and Eyeliner...healed Shalia before brows and eyeliner

Before and After Brows and Eyeliner

See the Difference