Visit 1---Brows Before

I  specialize in natural looking eyeliner and natural looking eyebrows with hair strokes.

 The following are some before and after pictures taken of  my clients.

Visit 1---Brows After

beforemamaw browafter browbefore aftermamaw after brow of Jessica

Visit 2 ---Touch Up within 4 months

Make any adjustments or fill in more hair

susanbefore susanafter

One brow done

browandeyeliner Shalia before brows and eyeliner

Before Brows

After Brows Healed after Touch UP

After Brows

Page 1

Close Up of Hair Strokes for an Eyebrow-Procedure each hair is manually done

Imo before brows Imo after Imo after Imo after Before-After-Photo-Ad D before eyeliner and eyebrows D after eyeliner and eyebrows

Before Eyeliner and Eyebrows

After Eyeliner and Eyebrows

Close Ups of Hair Strokes

close-up-hair-strokes close-up-of-hair-strokes-(1) close-up-of-hair-strokes One brow done with hair strokes File Jun 15, 11 54 40 AM (deleted 65bf5d1910ef86f1ad3da19a5dfc6d6b) File Jun 15, 11 54 40 AM (deleted 65bf5d1910ef86f1 Photo Jun 14, 5 02 53 PM Hair strokes brow Before After FYEO-Header 2016-04-28 18.24.48